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Cyber Range Training Centre (CRTC) to Open First Cybersecurity Simulator in Hong Kong

19/09/2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Our support organisation, CRTC, just open the first cybersecurity simulator in Hong Kong.

CRTC is powered by Cyberbit Range providing hands-on simulations of real cyberattack scenarios to train professionals and organizations how to defend against them in real time.

Cyber Range Training Centre (CRTC) Ltd. collaborated with Cyberbit Ltd., a world leading provider of cybersecurity simulation and IT/OT detection and response platforms, to open the first IT security defense training centre equipped with the latest simulation training technology in Hong Kong.

“IT security threats are increasingly becoming a major risk to business and technology alone is not sufficient to protect organizations against these threats,” says Joseph Yang, CEO, CRTC. “Whether security teams are in-house or outsourced to a managed security service provider, it is important to perform joint drills in a realistic setting so that all teams can respond in a coordinated manner when under attack.”

The new CRTC is powered by the Cyberbit Range platform and is being launched in collaboration with the Hong Kong Productivity Council. The Centre will offer hyper-realistic professional training programs instructed by elite cybersecurity experts to enterprises and individuals, and certifications including CISA, CISM, CEH and ISSE.

“CRTC will support HK CTF Association activities with free site space or even Cyber Range courses to create the talents,” says Joseph Yan. “We hope HK CTF Association help cultivate more players and experienced professionals.”

To learn more about CRTC, please visit their web site http://www.cyberrange.hk.

To learn more about CTF activities, please email to Mike Lofor more details.


8:00 am - 5:00 pm